THE CUTTING TOOLS for sawing machinery

Stone Assistance offers two types of cutting tools to put on chains shearers: the concave geometries and concave scraper.


Concave scraper

The concave design has been developed to obtain a self-stabilized system. Positioning the various pads on the supports is such that the forces seen by the chain during cutting are uniformly distributed. The cutting geometry allows more to reduce the lateral forces responsible for accelerated fatigue of the chain. The design makes it possible to limit the stress on the chain.

The concave scraper design has the same specifications as the concave design, but also allows users to protect the PDC in case of shocks and clean the line by reducing the surface chips.

The concave geometry will be suitable in soft to moderately hard, does not require cleaning of the saw line. While the doctor is suggested for hard stones or if the line must be cleared of debris timber.

Both models are composed of 11 quarries, fitted with 10 mm diameter wafers. Additional options are available such as double supports end configurations to keep the way to its nominal dimension.


The media and retailers may be provided together or separately.


In addition to the proposed products, Stone Assistance also offers a reconditioning service used cutting tools with cleaning media, indexing platelets and refurbishing tools so they can be reused.

 Brazing is performed under optimal conditions and with precise control of the soldering temperature, ensuring the PDC wafer integrity during the operation.

                                                                  SALE PADS

Stone Assistance has various test equipment for evaluating performance (wear resistance, cutting performance, ...) of wafers that can be used on cutting machines.


Our experience in this field has enabled us to identify different producers of high-quality wafers we sell retail.

Plaquette PDC de 10 mm de diamètre gravée en surface
Plaquette PDC de 10 mm de diamètre gravée en surface

Stone Assistance is also responsible for burning the faces of PDC to facilitate the indexing operations platelets and track wafers throughout their lives.