characterization of GEOMATERIALS

Types d'échantillons étudiés par Stone Assistance
Types d'échantillons étudiés par Stone Assistance



Stone Assistance has developed a new rapid method for characterizing the physical and mechanical properties of natural stone and other building materials based on alternative techniques that can be applied on small sample sizes that can not be characterized using standard procedures .




The semi-destructive techniques such as scratching, micro-drilling and micro-core part of the methodology used to characterize the natural stone and building materials. The strength, density, porosity, the coefficient of capillary permeability, the hardness, abrasiveness, the wear resistance, friction coefficient are the main properties that can be determined. Other methods for characterizing the impact strength and waeriness resistance are being developed.


                                                  Our characterizations:

  • The density, porosity, gas permeability coefficient of capillarity
  • Strength (unconfined compressive strength, tensile strength, indentation resistance, flexural strength, ...)
  • The intrinsic specific energy and the drilling resistance
  • The hardness and abrasiveness
  • Sonic speed and the dynamic Young modulus
  • Slipperiness
  • Resistance to abrasive wear
  • Resistance to salt crystallization, resistance to freeze-thaw cycles