Stone Assistance has developed its own methodology for assessing the effectiveness of cutting and wear resistance of different types of tools used in the stone industry, including:


  •  Tungsten carbide tools,
  • Diamond tools PDC
  • Impregnated diamond inserts.


This methodology is based on the completion of laboratory tests.

  • Cutting tests can be compared, under identical operating conditions, the effectiveness of tools of different geometries, and marketed by various manufacturers.


  • Wear tests can rank based on cutting tools to their resistance to wear and to assess their lifetime.




The test results identify the optimal conditions for running tools, and advise operators on the technological parameters to be imposed on machines that use these tools.

Our experience

  • The study of rocks with cutting blades tools mechanisms (PDC or carbide) or impregnated tools

  • The characterization of the wear mechanisms and the resistance of the tool abrasive wear

  • The development of phenomenological models cutting and wear for the design of new cutting tools

    The board for the selection of tools adapted to applications based on the mechanical properties of rocks